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March 28 2020

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March 26 2020

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The most people put the water bowl next to the food bowl.
This makes the water soiled from the cats point of view!
Because outdoors water is often contaminated if dead meat is next to it (aka an animal corpse, cat food)

If you put the water bowl next to the cat food the cat is worrying due to it’s instincts that the water could poison it.

That’s the reason why cats often prefered water that’s far away from the food source. Even toilet water seems cleaner and less dangerous for them!

In our home the water bowl is in another room. While the food bowl is in the kitchen, the water is in the bed room.
Since we changed that our cats are drinking much more water and seemed even healtheir because of that!

@j-and-theflash maybe this is why our kitties insist on our cups?

I keep the cat’s water in the same room but on a different wall and our cat is fine with that distance. She rarely drank water before that.

huh, good to know!

That’s REALLY good to know!!

Sparta has an issue with bladder crystals because he doesnt drink enough water and no one ever mentioned this possiblity! I’m gonna move his water away from his food and see how that works out. Thanks!!!

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March 25 2020

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March 18 2020

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March 17 2020

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March 15 2020


March 14 2020

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March 11 2020

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March 03 2020

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i have reblogged this twice already and every single time i cry laughing

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March 02 2020

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So it occurred to me that ‘grawlix’ is sort of an obscure and specialized word, but what I didn’t know until I was googling around just now is that it was actually invented by cartoonist Mort Walker in his 1980 book The Lexicon of Comicana, in which he categorizes (and invents terminology for) all kinds of visual cues and shorthand commonly used in comics

In other news, this is now right up there with The Meaning of Liff as ‘books of made up words I desperately need to own”

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February 23 2020

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February 20 2020

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“This is Lazuli (her sister is named Lapis) and she is so obsessed with sinks that we had to buy one for her to use as a cat bed. When it’s hot she rarely leaves it.”

Photos/text by Madge Rucker

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